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With over 95% of California in its 4th year of extreme drought conditions, some scientists estimate could last decades, and over 70% of Western Canadian produce imported from California, there is a ripe market opportunity as these drought conditions severely impact price, quantity and quality of food production. Coupled with over 3 times the demand to supply for organic produce in Canada, and consumer trends towards not just organic, but local, produce, there has never been a better time to invest in Canadian organic farms.

We’re raising capital and inviting potential investors to view our private offering now profiled on the funding platform SeedUps Canada. All securities related activity is facilitated through Waverley Corporate Financial Services Ltd., an EMD registered in QC, ON, AB & BC. The minimum investment is $25,000 and is open to qualified and suitable investors in certain jurisdictions in Canada.

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To learn more about our offering please:

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Investing to green businessCrowdfunding is no longer just a trendy idea — it has become a revolution, and a way to fund innovative new projects and businesses. For the first time in history, the power to distribute wealth is being given back to the people through a union of technology and merging social and sharing economies. It’s creating a powerful shift in the way we fund projects.

WE’RE LIVE NOW! Check us out! Working with SeedUps Canada, one of Canada’s first equity crowd-fund platforms, you can check out our pitch deck, financials, Business Plan and equity offer! Find out more here!

If you are a larger investor, or a friend or family member of our team, contact our team now to inquire about whether you qualify for our private placement offerings!

 We are currently only accepting investment from qualified investors in certain jurisdictions. Register now

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