Our Farms and Philosophies

Standardizing our growing methods to create consistent quality control, diversifying our offering to include both ground crop production and greenhouse production, hedging 2 of the main risks in farming: human error and weather/acts of God, by having multiple farm locations in different regions, structured and run with high operational efficiency.

Our farm locations are strategic and typically based on acquisition of an existing, efficiently run organic farm, maintaining that farm’s brand and legacy, while bringing our team, structure and relationships to the operations.  This opportunity provides retiring farmers with a succession plan, while ensuring the integrity and legacy of their farm stays intact for the future.

Building towards North America’s first net-zero carbon emission farm in our production, operations and distribution, owning our own water sources and operating our greenhouse technology on a net-zero water and energy platform.

Local farmer holding a bunch of carrots

Supporting regional food distribution hubs, local farmers, local economies and having multiple site locations that service these regional food economies.  Rather than one massive farm, we have multiple smaller farm locations in strategic regions. Our first 2 farms are located in the Okanagan and Fraser Valley, BC. Future expansions include Calgary and Edmonton, AB in 2017/2018.

Having a work culture of fun, harmony, love, care and honouring of the land and each other, in a valued and supported multi-cultural environment of trust, respect, the value of hard work and doing the job right.

Supplying some of the most respected and valued green grocers in Western North America, with a commitment to product integrity, quality control and consistency they can count on.

Integration of AgTech for precision farming. All of our farms are in the process of investigating, building and prototyping new AgTech from plant monitoring and biofeedback equipment, to mobile Apps that allow customers to trace their product back to the field and date it was picked, ensuring product integrity and traceability. These exciting initiatives will continue to move us forward in being a dominant organic supplier in Western North America.

These are just some of the philosophies and values we have built our business on, and continue to actively pursue in our vision for the future.

Our Farm Locations

Athena Organic Farm (formerly Similkameen River Organic Farm), located in Cawston, BC

A true family farm, with a highly respected product and brand in the organics community, providing high-volume, high quality wholesale organic produce since 2005. Thanks to the family’s diligent farming practices, the nutrient-dense soil, clean water, and help of Mother Nature, the property now grows some of the finest organic vegetables in the province and is the largest organic produce farm in its region. These crops – which include onions, shallots, carrots, parsnips, leeks, beets, turnips, and 14 varieties of squash – are regularly distributed to notable green grocers like Whole Foods, Thrifty’s Foods, Community Natural Foods, Urban Fare, Natures Fare Markets and more, in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and Alberta. Our reputation is strong in both provinces, and many say our onions and shallots are the best in Western Canada. Visit our farm-direct website below:


Grown Here Farms – Retail Level Organic Micro-Green Salad Mixes

Located in the Fraser Valley, this farm location has been in operation since 2016, delivering fresh, local, organic, hand-harvested micro-green salad blends to our grocer customers, all within a 100 mile radius of our production facility. Our delivery schedule is based on a 24 hour timeframe between picked and delivered product, ensuring our customers always get the freshest, most nutrient dense product available. Find more about our great grocer customers and product below:


What We Grow

Athena Organic Farms grow over 45 varieties of certified organic vegetables, with a particular focus on onions, shallots and squash. The majority of our produce is sold to reputable stores throughout British Columbia and Alberta, but we also offer gate sales in the summer and fall, giving consumers and restaurants the opportunity to buy fresh vegetables directly.  Our pre-packaged, organic salad greens are our next offering, set to hit store shelves in 2016.

Our certified organic produce includes:

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